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A collection of resources aimed at promoting the agritourism industry and intended to aid farmers in implementing agritourism into their farms.

Agritourism How to Host Summer Camp on Your Farm

Topics include: Business Planning; Program Planning; Sample Activites; Staffing; Site and Facilities; Food; Marketing; Risk Management; Evaluation.


Agritourism How to Host a Wedding on Your Farm

Topics include: Are Weddings Right for Your Farm?; What Do Clients Look for in Wedding Venues?; Marketing Your Venue; Building a Contract; Planning the Event.


Agritourism How to Develop a Pick-Your-Own Business

Topics include: Advantages and Disadvantages of PYO; Assessing Yourself as a PYO Farmer; Important Elements of a PYO; Financial Planning and Pricing; Building Your PYO.


Agritourism How to Develop a Farm Stay

Topics include: Assessing Yourself as a Farm Stay Operator; Planning Your Farm Stay; Activities for Your Guests; Guest Policies; Food and Dining; Regulations; Designing Your Space; Business Structure; Financial Goals; Marketing and Customer Service; Farm Stay Trends and the Ripple Effect.


Agritourism How to Develop a Farm Stand

Topics include: Town and State Regulations; Location; Food Safety; Risk Management; Marketing; Business Planning; Design and Layout; Staffing.


Agritourism Offering High-Quality On-Farm Experiences

Topics include: Authenticity; Safe Environments and Facilities; Educational Experiences; Strong Customer Service.


Agritourism Best Practices in Consumer Marketing

Topics include: The Five P's of Marketing; Writing a Marketing Plan; Sample Marketing Matrix; Vermont Resources.


Farm to Institution

A collection of resources exploring the world of local food in schools, hospitals, colleges, and other institutions.

Farm to Institution Vermont Farm to College: Opportunities and Barriers to Greater Local Food Procurement in Vermont Higher Education Food Service

Institutions of higher education present an opportunity for increased procurement of locally produced foods. This report provides an overview of findings to date, followed by summaries of successes, innovations, and challenges. Analysis focuses on comparing and contrasting Vermont interview results with recommendations gleaned from other regional institutions’ and organizations’ reports. It concludes with a list of best practices for food service operations and technical assistance providers.