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Retail Training Collection Take 5 Episode 6: Display Tips & Tricks

Display tips for all stores that covers basic display concepts and provides inspiration to unleash staff creativity.

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Retail Training Collection Take 5 Episode 5: The Bell Curve of Merchandising & Display

This episode covers the 5 keys questions to ask after you've brought in new product to your store: (1) Have sales dropped? (2) Should the price be changed? (3) Change up the display? (4) Change who we buy from? (5) Discontinue and bring in new items?

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Retail Training Collection Take 5 Episode 3: Tips for Sourcing from Local Producers

Tips that cover guidance on ordering, delivery, invoicing and billing, crediting, and additional requirements and policies when sourcing from local producers.

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Retail Training Collection Take 5 Episode 2: Building Relationships with Local Producers

A look at how to build effective relationships with local producers and the local gateway products that can help jump-start your local purchasing and sales.

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Vermont local food campaign under development

The Farm to Plate Network is developing a statewide local food campaign to increase consumer demand for local food. As farmers and producers scale up production and additional market channels (retail, restaurants, institutions, direct sale) are opened to more Vermont food, the local food marketing campaign will target messaging to Vermont consumers to stimulate increased purchases, participation and awareness in Vermont’s local food economy. The campaign aims to help Vermonters feel connected to local food and celebrate individual entry points – whether it’s gardening, hunting, visiting a farm, or purchasing local products. Campaign messaging will encourage increased local food awareness and engagement that will help Vermonters connect the local food economy to the growth and success of Vermont communities, and ultimately lead to increased purchases.

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Rooted in Vermont® Brochure and Logos

By celebrating all Vermonters’ relationships with local food, Rooted in Vermont® intends to create a movement that connects tradition, pride, community, trust, and equity to local food. Rooted in Vermont is owned by all Vermonters, and nurtured by the Vermont Farm to Plate Network to help the movement build momentum and become viral throughout the entire state. It is a movement to help all Vermonters see local food as their own – not because it is a trend, but rather a part of our history and who we are as Vermonters. Vermont businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies are all encouraged to incorporate the Rooted in Vermont movement into their marketing, outreach, and other communication with Vermonters.   WATCH THIS VIDEO to learn how to engage with Rooted in Vermont on social media.  DOWNLOAD ROOTED IN VERMONT LOGOS to use in your marketing and outreach materials. DOWNLOAD ROOTED IN VERMONT HASHTAG FILES to use in your marketing and outreach materials.   READ THE ROOTED IN VERMONT BROCHURE to better understand how Rooted in Vermont will increse consumer demand of local food, why everyone's participation is needed to make the Rooted in Vermont movement work, and how to get involved.   

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