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Food Access Self Assessment

The Food Access Cross Cutting Team’s Food Justice Committee has created this tool for individuals, communities, businesses and organizations to explore how their activities support improving food access. There are many approaches to addressing the problems of hunger and food insecurity, including hunger awareness, hunger relief, food justice, right to food, and food sovereignty. We believe these are complementary; a variety of approaches are necessary and we are not trying to imply that every organization should try to ‘do it all’. At the same time, we believe that organizations focusing on a single approach are likely to increase their effectiveness by considering additional approaches, or partnering with organizations that use other approaches. This tool is meant to serve as a way for individuals, communities, businesses and organizations in Vermont to: • Celebrate, support and appreciate the work that is being done to offer equal access to nutritious, culturally appropriate food for all. • Appreciate the variety of roles necessary to create and sustain a healthy, equitable food system. • Explore different ways to promote food access throughout the food system and explore new ways of intervening in the system. • Understand the breadth of approaches into improving food access in Vermont’s food system. • Identify areas…

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Racial Justice and Equity

Many individuals and organizations, including here in Vermont, have worked tirelessly on addressing racism broadly and specifically within the food system for decades. We encourage you to elevate their work, galvanize support and educate yourself. This is, by no means, an exhaustive list of resources, so please reach out if you have additional resources to add.

Racial Justice and Equity Clemmons Family Farm

The Clemmons Family Farm is one of the largest African-American-owned historic farms in Vermont today. The farm includes 6 historic buildings (circa later 1700s-1800s), a spacious 1990s residents, and 148 acres of prime farmland and forests, ponds and streams abundant with wildlife. The Farm is one of the 22 official landmarks on the State of Vermont's African-American Heritage Trail.

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Racial Justice and Equity Northeast Farms of Color Land Trust

Northeast Farmers of Color Land Trust’s Coordinator, Board of Directors, and fiscal sponsors (Soul Fire Farm Institute and their Board of Directors) bring their diverse skill sets in Cooperative Development, Climate Justice, Food and Land Sovereignty, Farming, Education, Herbalism, and Indigenous and Disaporic ways of honoring the land to build a land trust with clarity of focus, intentionality, and lived experience that centers the voices of QTBIPOC Farmers, Land Stewards, and Earth Workers.

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Racial Justice and Equity Black Farmers & Urban Gardeners

Black Urban Growers (BUGS) is an organization committed to building networks and community support for growers in both urban and rural settings. Through education and advocacy around food and farm issues, we nurture collective Black leadership to ensure we have a seat at the table.

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Racial Justice and Equity Black Food Folks

A fellowship of Black professionals in food & drink, promoting and supporting one another for mutual success.

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Racial Justice and Equity Land Loss Prevention Project

The Land Loss Prevention Project (LLPP) was founded in 1982 by the North Carolina Association of Black Lawyers to curtail epidemic losses of Black owned land in North Carolina.

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Racial Justice and Equity National Black Food & Justice Alliance

National Black Food and Justice Alliance (NBFJA) is a coalition of Black-led organizations working towards cultivating and advancing Black leadership, building Black self-determination, Black institution building and organizing for food sovereignty, land and justice. The Alliance seeks to achieve this by engaging in broad based coalition organizing for black food and land, increasing visibility of Black led narratives and work, advancing Black led visions for just and sustainable communities, and building capacity for self-determination within our local, national, and international food systems and land rights work. We focus our work on black food sovereignty, self-determining food economies, and land. We approach food sovereignty, land and self-determining food economies through the lens of healing, organizing & resistance against anti-Blackness.

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Racial Justice and Equity Soul Fire Farm

Soul Fire Farm is a BIPOC*-centered community farm committed to ending racism and injustice in the food system. They raise and distribute life-giving food as a means to end food apartheid. With deep reverence for the land and wisdom of our ancestors, they work to reclaim the collective right to belong to the earth and to have agency in the food system. They bring diverse communities together on this healing land to share skills on sustainable agriculture, natural building, spiritual activism, health, and environmental justice. They are training the next generation of activist-farmers and strengthening the movements for food sovereignty and community self-determination.

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Racial Justice and Equity Sylvanaqua Farms

Out to democratize food and agriculture in the D.C. region.

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