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Working Groups: Independent Grocers (Task Force)

Retail Training Collection

The Retail Collection includes resources developed or used by the Independent Grocers Task Force to complement its statewide in-store retail trainings, including the Take 5 video series and the Small Bites newsletter archive along with written resources designed to help retailers more effectively source and merchandise local food. Video episode topics include promotions, purchasing, merchandising, in-store displays, signage, sampling, and procurement. The written resources cover purchasing, merchandising, operations, financials, and staffing. Farmers and specialty food producers interested in learning more about best practices in retail merchandising may also find value in the video series.

Retail Training Collection Impulse and Ed-Cap Fundamentals to Boost Sales

End caps & impulse displays are used to promote new products, feature Vermont, seasonal and popular items while providing customers with value propositions.

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Retail Training Collection Cross Merchandising

Tips and strategies for successfully cross merchandising to boost sales and profits.

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Retail Training Collection How to Create a Successful Sampling Program

Tips and strategies for creating and managing a successful sampling program.

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Retail Training Collection Produce Handling Tips

Tips for handling and storing 22 different types of produce.

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Retail Training Collection 10 Questions to Ask About Produce Display

10 questions to ask to strengthen produce merchandising.

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Retail Training Collection Merchandising Strategies: Using the 5 Ps of Marketing

Strategies covering the 5 Ps of Marketing: Product, Placement, Pricing, Promotion, and People.

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Retail Training Collection How Do You Rate? Receiving

A worksheet for self-evaluating your receiving operations.

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