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Working Groups: Food Access (Cross-Cutting Team)

COVID-19 Support FoodFinder

FoodFinder is a safe, secure and award-winning mobile and web app that gives food insecure children and their families a way to find free food assistance programs quickly.

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COVID-19 Support The Impact of Coronavirus on Vermonters Experiencing Food Insecurity

This brief is part of a three-part series highlighting the results from an online survey launched in Vermont on March 29th (less than a week after the order to “Stay home, stay safe”) through Front Porch Forum, social media ads, media coverage, and community partners. The survey was open for two weeks and received a total of 3,251 responses. This brief provides a summary of results from respondents experiencing food insecurity. Food insecurity was measured using the USDA’s validated six-item household food security survey module. Respondents were classified as food insecure if their answers indicated they experienced low or very low food security either in the 12 months before the coronavirus outbreak (n=541) and/or since the coronavirus outbreak (n=705). Excluding the overlap in these categories, a total of 817 respondents (27.1% of all respondents) experienced food insecurity sometime in the last 12 months. For detailed information on the full results from all respondents or from those who experienced a job disruption, please see the separate briefs dedicated to those topics. Additional analyses are ongoing and future articles will explore these topics in greater detail.

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COVID-19 Support Food Insecurity: Impact of Covid-19

UVM has been collecting and releasing results surveys of Vermonters related to COVID-19 and food access and security.

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