Food Access

The Food Access Crosscutting Team connects organizations working on food security, food access, and nutrition issues, assesses how well food access issues are being integrated into Farm to Plate Network Working Groups, and works to ensure that local food is accessible to low income Vermonters in every corner of the state. The team works to integrate Food Justice and Racial Equity into their discussions and in the Vermont Farm to Plate Network. They make a special efforts to explore new opportunities for collaboration with working groups.

In 2017, the Crosscutting team is exploring the concept of the Human Right to Food and is partnering with the Food Cycle Coalition to explore how Act 148 (Universal Recycling) may impact food access and charitable food organizations. In 2016, the Crosscutting Team began partnering with the Farmland Access and Stewardship Working Group to develop materials about addressing food access for town planners and communities to use, and formed a subcommittee on Food Justice. In 2016, the group learned about programs that help low-income Vermonters afford local food and about the factors that influence the cost of food, including national agricultural subsidies, labor costs, and purchasing power of low-income households.


Food Access CCT and Food Cycle Coalition TFJoin Forces to Explore Impact of Act 148 on Food Security Add to Collection

The Food Access Cross Cutting Team and the Food Cycle Coalition Task Force held a joint meeting in St. Albans earlier this fall to tour Northwest Family Foods' food shelf and learn about Act 148's impact on the emergency food system.

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Cross Cutting Team discusses the Human Right to Food concept & opportunities in Vermont Add to Collection

In its June meeting, the food access cross cutting team learned about the Human Right to Food, a declaration made by many countries around the world. The United States is one of the few nations who have not declared food access a human right, and the group discussed opportunities for communities and the State of Vermont to do so.

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