Food Cycle Coalition

The Food Cycle is comprised of organizations and individuals committed to building healthy and resilient communities where no one is hungry and no resource is wasted. 

The vision of the Coalition is to divert food and organic materials that would otherwise be wasted and convert them into a valuable resource to support our local food system. The FCC will do this through source reduction, food rescue, composting, animal feed utilization and energy production.  Diverting quality food and other organic materials from the landfill will help increase food security, create jobs, reduce fossil fuel dependence, reduce greenhouse gases, protect waterways and soil, sustain local food systems, and build stronger communities. 


All about organics diversion and Act 148: a new website under development Add to Collection

The Food Cycle Coalition is building on the resources from the (now defunct) Highfields Center for Composting website, and expanding it to include information and education about the Vermont Food Recovery Hierarchy.

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Food Access Crosscutting Team and Food Cycle Coalition discuss ways to advance shared goals Add to Collection

Co-chair of the Food Access Crosscutting Team (FACCT), Faye Conte, participated in the FCC’s recent meeting to share some of their work and learn about what the FCC is doing. t was agreed that there is mutual benefit in...

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