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Grow More, Waste Less | Food Systems Consulting, LLC
135 Star Mountain Road
Sharon, VT 05065

From behavior change to climate change, local food to global food, grassroots organizing to legislative policy making, Grow More, Waste Less | Food Systems Consulting, LLC is all about empowering people to affect the necessary changes to restore health to people and planet through our daily actions.


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Cat Buxton
Owner. Consultant, Advocate, Teacher 802-359-3330
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Grow More, Waste Less | Food Systems Consulting, LLC, promotes food system change through education and advocacy, working with individuals, small businesses, schools, community groups and statewide organizations. The owner, Cat Buxton, is a life long gardener and environmental activist. She is passionate about growing more and wasting less and feels that everyone should have access to healthy food and soil. Cat is a consultant and an effective and enthusiastic teacher, presenter and community organizer. She is the garden manager for Thetford Elementary School’s edible schoolyard, a project she co-founded in 2007. She coordinated the education programs for Cedar Circle Farm & Education Center from 2007-2014 leading farm tours, planning events large and small, teaching, pioneering farm to school programs and community gardens, and promoting food policy through grassroots organizing. She is the field organizer for the Vermont Right To Know Coalition who championed Vermont’s first-in-the-nation GMO food labeling law in 2014. She won the 2015 Jack Cook Award at the NOFA-VT Winter Conference for her work in ‘Growing The Good Food Movement.’ She teaches classes and offers consultations throughout the Upper Valley and beyond. She lives in the hills of Sharon, Vermont with her husband, three cats, and lots of plants. She prefers to consult, advocate, present, and teach locally but could be inspired to travel if the time is right and the work is exciting!


  • Nutrient Management
    • Other: Nutrient Management
  • Food Access and Nutrition
    • Community / public garden
    • Localvore / Transition Town / Community group
    • Other: Food Access and Nutrition
  • Education
    • General food system education
    • Farm to School programs
    • Research / Consulting
  • Regulations and Public Policy
    • Advocacy organization


consulting, garden coaching, compost doctor, community organizer, project manager, farm-to-school leadership, presenter, teacher