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69 South St
Wells, Vermont 05774

Richard & Cynthia Larson have lived and farmed in Wells since 1977 and are proud to offer fresh, healthy food to the community, including milk, grass-fed beef and pasture-raised golden-yolked eggs from hens fed organic, non-GMO grain along with the grass and insects they forage themselves.


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Richard and Cynthia Larson
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Rich and Cynthia Larson milk 25 Jerseys in Wells, VT. The cows are fed 100% grass. We pasture all season, and feed hay or baleage all winter. No grain, hormones, or antibiotics. We sell raw milk at the farm all day, every day, and deliver it to Rutland, and Dorset Farmers' markets. We also have a herd of 30 Devon beef cattle, also 100% grass raised and finished. They are moved everyday in pasture season, and fed hay in winter. Frozen beef is available at the farm and the Farmers' Markets.