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(802) 226-7783
93 Densmore Road
Cavendish, VT 05142

Located in the heart of Vermont, we’ve been a family run business since 1986. In pursuit of something delicious, nutritious, and shippable to friends all over Canada and the United States, we made our first fruitcakes as gifts even before 1986. Once we got into biking in beautiful Vermont, we needed a granola bar to keep us climbing the hills. After lots of attempts we made what we think is the best Granola Bar ever, the MonkeyChew Granola Bar. We also make Volcano Mustard. Our fruitcakes are all natural and the only certified gluten free fruitcake in North America. MonkeyChew Granola bars come in five flavors, including gluten free and nut free.


  • Food Processing or Manufacturing
    • Bakery
    • Specialty foods / snacks


All natural fruitcakes, the only certified gluten free fruitcake in North America, 5 flavors of MonkeyChew Granola bars, including gluten free and nut free, and Volcano Mustard.