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USDA Rural Development Add to Collection
(802) 828-6034
87 State Street, Suite 324
Montpelier, VT 05601


Name Title Phone
David Robinson
Business and Cooperative Programs Director (802) 828-6031 Add to Collection
Susan Poland
(802) 828-6002 Add to Collection
Network Groups: Financing
Karen Lynch
802-828-6044 Add to Collection
Ken Yearman
802-828-6070 Add to Collection
Network Groups: Financing, Energy
Ben Doyle
Community and Economic Development Specialist 802-839-9914 Add to Collection
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Ben Doyle is a Community Economic Development Specialist for USDA Rural Development. In this role, he works with stakeholders and staff to build community capacity for accessing Rural Development resources. A former high school English teacher and Peace Corps volunteer, Ben lives in Montpelier, Vermont.
Network Groups: Financing
Pollaidh Major
802-828-6080 Add to Collection
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I work as the Public Affairs Specialist for USDA Rural Development in Vermont. Rural Development works with rural communities across the state to help promote economic development through financially supporting business development, community infrastructure and affordable housing. Investing in local food systems is a key focus of Rural Development in Vermont. Growing up on a sheep dairy in Windham County taught me the social and economic opportunities offered by the local food economy.


  • Marketing
    • Agriculture and culinary tourism
    • Marketing consultants
  • Business Planning and Technical Assistance
    • Access to capital
    • Feasibility and planning
    • Production / Processing technical assistance
  • Financing Organizations
    • Grants
    • Loans / debt