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Kimbell Compost Launches Commercial Offering

Kimbell Compost announced the introduction of KC Commercial, a food scrap hauling service for commercial enterprises, to complement KC Residential.  The new offering targets restaurants and other large food scrap generators in Chittenden County. 

"Right now we are focusing on expanding our commercial line through low costs, easy setup, and a reputation for reliability," said founder CJ Kimbell.  "In our view, cost, yuck factor, and habit change are the main barriers to implementing a composting program at any business, and we are working to mitigate those constraints."

KC is growing rapidly since its launch 7 months ago.  “We started hauling waste in the back of a jeep, then to a pickup truck, and now to a pickup truck and a trailer,” said Operations Manager, Ethan Bumps.  “The added weight and volume from KC Commercial has fueled our growth, with a doubling of volume in the month of July alone.” 

KC Commercial has expanded much like KC Residential, through word of mouth with limited advertising.   "We have yet to officially advertise, with the exception of cold calling restaurants," said Ethan.  "All of our signups for both KC Residential and KC Commercial have come from either word of mouth or from cracking open the phone book.  We are in a great position to expand our hauling route and incorporate organizations of any size."  KC has its sights set beyond Chittenden County, and perhaps even Vermont.  “Urban areas.”  said Kimbell, “Urban areas are where a food scrap hauler is needed most.” 

Kimbell is optimistic about the continued growth of the company as more and more businesses look to comply with the state law that mandates food scrap diversion from the waste stream.  At the same time, he expressed concern about the consolidated collection program being considered by the Chittenden Solid Waste District (CSWD).  ”Consolidated collections poses a very serious threat to our business and to the small hauler.  Though in the short run the efficiency may save costs, in the long run we may come to regret the complete removal of competition in the hauling market.” 

About Kimbell Compost:  Visit for more information.