Vermont Food Security Roadmap

Food Security in Vermont: Roadmap to 2035

Our Shared Goal: In 2035, all Vermonters will be food secure. The Vermont Food Security Roadmap to 2035 guides our way to that future. Vermont has the tools, knowledge, and resources to create food security and ensure that every person living here has the food they want and need to be healthy and nourished. Our time to act is now.

Our collective action is necessary to ensure food security across Vermont, in times of crisis and calm. Whether you are a member of the Legislature or a government official, service provider, farmer or community member, you will find a role in the effort to achieve food security in Vermont. We look forward to our work together.

Below, you can read and download the Food Security in Vermont: Roadmap to 2035 (published on January 24, 2024). Click here to read the press release.

To learn about and get involved with Roadmap implementation, Sign Up for Food Security Project Updates. The Vermont Food Security email will provide regular updates and opportunities to be a part of creating equitable and consistent food security across Vermont.

Come to the VT Food Security Roadmap Events hosted by VT Hunger Councils 

Join Hunger Free Vermont, the Vermont Hunger Councils, and Vermont Farm to Plate Network to explore the Vermont Food Security: Roadmap to 2035. These ten in-person events are open to all community organizations and individuals. Together we will explore the Roadmap and the path to food security in Vermont. Stipends are available. Click here to RSVP for the event near you.   

Vermont Food Security Roadmap

Local Planning for Food Access

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