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Promote Vermont Businesses


We are reaching out to all businesses who have had to close their doors to the general public or alter their in-person services, including all restaurants, retailers with physical storefronts, lodging establishments, vendors and service providers.

As a way to support these businesses we are suggesting they list themselves in a place that is free and easy to navigate. Love Vermont is a directory of Vermont businesses affected by the pandemic closings (restaurants, salons, coffee shops, lodging establishments, etc.), who are now selling gift-certificates online, offering take-out meals, online shopping, discounts or asking for donations to support the business. (Organizations are encouraged to assist businesses in getting listed, but are not allowed to sign up businesses. They must actually do that for themselves.)

We are encouraging business owners to visit and sign up for free. They will be asked to provide up to two “call to action” links, such as an online location where visitors can view take-out offerings, shop, book rooms or donate. The directory hosts one photo, the business name and up to two links. The business needs to have its own method of selling, booking or donating for the link to go to such as, their own website, a booking site, or donations site.

Please consider listing your own business and share this information with other local businesses to help us spread the word about this online directory, Let's get on the same page.

We will be promoting Love Vermont to consumers as well and would like to get as many local businesses as possible listed first. We encourage you to share this widely with your own lists and networks.