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Vermont Gleaning Collective Redesigns Website, Seeks Volunteers

The Vermont Gleaning Collective unveiled an upgraded website and brand-new logo, an effort to promote the work and collective impact of gleaners in Vermont.

Launched in time for the gleaning season, the new website and branding showcase the independent programs that make up the Vermont Gleaning Collective. These member programs engage volunteers in the collection of unmarketed, edible quality crops from farms – often through harvests known as gleans. This work reduces resource waste, educates eaters, and increases the amount of fresh, local food available to communities throughout Vermont. 

Beyond the new logo, beautification in the site’s new look, and upgrades to functions that engage volunteers, the newest features include a fuller introduction to the Vermont Gleaning Collective, a social media feed showing member organizations’ activities, and a new signup for farmers who wish to donate and organizations interested in receiving food. The new signups aim to welcome and increase participation in the practice of gleaning.

Salvation Farms, the backbone organization for the Vermont Gleaning Collective, hired Burlington-based Vermont Design Works to update the site. “We are happy to have had the opportunity to partner with the Vermont Gleaning Collective in the design and development of their new site to help increase food security in our communities,” says Donna Bepler, CEO. “We share the belief that involving people in the process is the best way to build lasting change and are continually inspired by the dedication and passionate commitment of Vermont Gleaning Collective team.”

In addition to recruiting participants, the website serves as a tool to track important statewide data, like: diversity of crops gleaned, total pounds gleaned from farms, volunteers engaged and hours contributed, number of farms served, and where gleaned crops are donated. This data helps to quantify and communicate the collective impact of independent gleaning initiatives working toward shared goals.

In 2015, Vermont Gleaning Collective volunteers contributed more than 2,580 hours and gleaned close to 220,000 pounds of produce that would have otherwise gone uneaten. This is a small percent of the overall estimated food loss occurring on Vermont farms.

The Vermont Gleaning Collective relies on volunteer help to manage this surplus. Since the initial launch of the Collective’s website two years ago, more than 550 volunteers have registered. More are encouraged to join this community of gleaners. Gleaning is an impactful farm-based, experiential learning opportunity. Get directly involved in your community, hands-on, with farms that have the power and potential to feed you and your neighbors.

Interested individuals, farmers, and potential food recipient sites are encouraged to visit the Vermont Gleaning Collective’s website to learn more about how they can get involved.

The Vermont Gleaning Collective: collecting unmarketed crops from farms to reduce waste, educate eaters, and feed our communities throughout the state of Vermont and beyond. Visit to get involved.