Climate Change and Farm-Based Education

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Climate Change and Farm-Based Education


Earth to Sky Education Program
United States

September 21, 3–4:00 pm EST (Virtual): What are your personal concerns about climate change? Chances are, they're the same as your farm visitors' concerns. Driven by the belief that to tackle the climate crisis, we need to incorporate climate conversations in places where they aren't already taking place, FBEN welcomes NASA’s Earth to Sky Education Program.

In this one-hour session, we will:

  • Dig into a NASA dataset on food and agriculture
  • Exchange ideas for where you might incorporate climate education on your farm. From summer camp to your farm stand, from a goat yoga workshop to the chicken coop, the possibilities are endless!
  • Listen to your concerns and share climate education resources and tools to address them

The Earth to Sky Education Program focuses on sharing resources and climate communication techniques, facilitating discussions, providing training, and building a community of practice (which you all are invited to).