Chapter 2: Goals & Data

Goal 1: Consumption of Vermont-produced food by Vermonters and regional consumers will measurably increase.

Goal 1 encourages increased consumption of local and regional food products in order to increase the "farm share" of each food dollar going to farmers; to incentivize more local and regional food production; to increase local food access for all Vermonters and regional consumers; to protect the working landscape; maintain and build social capital; and encourage healthy eating habits.

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Performance Measurements Lead Organizations
Last Updated: May 10, 2013
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UVM Center for Sustainable Agriculture, UVM Community Development and Applied Economics (CDAE), Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund

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CategoriesData Source
Direct Sales (2007) Census of Agriculture, Table 2: Market Value of Agricultural Products Sold Including Landlord's Share and Direct Sales
Vermont Food Service and Drinking Places Sales (2007) Economic Census: NAICS Code 722
Vermont Retail Food and Beverage Sales (2007) Economic Census: NAICS Code 445

Value of Food Shipments into Vermont (2007)

Commodity Flow Survey

Food Expenditures for Households by Quintile of Income

Consumer Expenditure Survey

 Vermont Department of Taxes

 Statistics - Meals and Rooms Multiple Period Report