The Agritourism CoP (Community of Practice) brings together professionals and practitioners including both statewide and sub-state regional organizations to advance Vermont’s culinary and agricultural tourism industry and communicate the state's agricultural story. In the prior Farm to Plate Network structure, this group was known as the "Agritourism Task Force". The main purposes and objectives for the Agritourism CoP include: 

  • Serve as a resource for agricultural businesses interested in developing agritourism assets 
  • Function as a community of practice -- a space for practitioners to share, communicate, and offer opportunities for professional development 
  • Identify initiatives to advance the work of Farm to Plate through consumer education and agritourism
  • Develop a referral network for those involved in agritourism 
  • Conduct some strategic planning for the agritourism industry 
  • Coordinate with the Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing on how we market Vermont
  • Assist with Dig In Vermont website outreach

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Resources Created by This Group

As most of us now lack personal experience with farming, we also lack ways to understand what farming involves, who it involves, what is required to stay in business, and how it affects our environment and society as a whole.
An overview of agritourism in Vermont.
A collection of best practices and advice for any person looking to get the word out about their agritourism operation.
A collection of best practices of successful agritourism operations from throughout the state along with how-to guides to started!