Food Access

The Food Access Crosscutting Team connects organizations working on food security, food access, and nutrition issues, assesses how well food access issues are being integrated into Farm to Plate Network Working Groups, and works to ensure that local food is accessible to low income Vermonters in every corner of the state. The team works to integrate food justice and racial equity into their discussions and in the Vermont Farm to Plate Network. They make a special efforts to explore new opportunities for collaboration with working groups.

We welcome new members to join our discussions at any time. If you are new to the group, we encourage you to reach out to the chairs - Erin Buckwalter and Faye Mack - to get acquainted and up-to-speed ahead of a meeting. 

This year, the Crosscutting Team will be focused on finalizing a couple of projects - a toolkit for addressing food access through town and regional planning and a tool to help organizations and individuals reflect on how they are addressesing food access through different lenses, and how to deepen and expand that work. The group will also be working with other Network groups to host a one-day training on engaging stakeholders to help the Network and its members ensure that all voices are at the table.


Food Access CCT 2019 Work Plan

The Food Access Cross Cutting Team's work plan for 2019 can be found here.

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Group makes progress on food justice project & explores a training for 2019

The Food Access CCT met in December to continue its work on a toolkit organizations and individuals can use to explore how they are addressing food access through different lenses, and how they can expand their work into areas of food justice. The group also met with Curtis Ogden, from the Interaction Institute for Social Change to learn about ways the group can help Network members better engage stakeholders, including producers, businesses, and consumers who have experienced food insecurity.

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