Food Access

The Food Access Crosscutting Team connects organizations working on food security, food access, and nutrition issues, assesses how well food access issues are being integrated into Farm to Plate Network Working Groups, and works to ensure that local food is accessible to low income Vermonters in every corner of the state. The team works to integrate Food Justice and Racial Equity into their discussions and in the Vermont Farm to Plate Network. They make a special efforts to explore new opportunities for collaboration with working groups.

We welcome new members to join our discussions at any time. If you are new to the group, we encourage you to reach out to the chairs - Erin Buckwalter and Faye Conte - to get acquainted and up-to-speed ahead of a meeting. 

In 2018, the Crosscutting team is focusing on projects to develop a resource to help town and regional plans incorporate strategies to improve food access in the community, to encourage organizations and others to adopt a statement in support of the Human Right to Food, and to develop a rubric that organizations can use in addressing food justice. The group will also work to bring these topics to the full Network and to connect with other issues and projects, like Rooted in Vermont throughout the year. In 2017, the group explored varied topics, including the Human Right to Food and partnered with the Food Cycle Coalition to explore how Act 148 (Universal Recycling) may impact food access and charitable food organizations through a learning journey to Northwest Family Foods in St. Albans.


Group moves projects on Human Right to Food and Food Justice forward

The Food Access CCT met in early May to work on two projects related to food access and food justice. The group is working to develop a statement in support of a Human Right to Food that organizations and others can use. Ultimately, the goal is for the State of Vermont or other US government entity to declare a Human Right to Food. The group also reviewed a draft of the food justice rubric, a document to help guide organizations and individuals working to address food access understand their place within the system of food justice.

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Cross Cutting Team meets to set goals and activities for the year

The Food Access Cross Cutting Team met in early February to reflect on its accomplishments in 2017 and develop goals and activities for 2018.

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