Food Cycle Coalition

The Food Cycle is comprised of organizations and individuals committed to building healthy and resilient communities where no one is hungry and no resource is wasted. 

The vision of the Coalition is to divert food and organic materials that would otherwise be wasted and convert them into a valuable resource to support our local food system. The FCC will do this through source reduction, food rescue, composting, animal feed utilization and energy production.  Diverting quality food and other organic materials from the landfill will help increase food security, create jobs, reduce fossil fuel dependence, reduce greenhouse gases, protect waterways and soil, sustain local food systems, and build stronger communities. 


Food Cycle Coalition (FCC) Annual Updates

The Food Cycle Coalition (FCC) has been working on a number of projects, including developing a toolkit to support on-farm food scrap composting at a volume below the solid waste facility permitting threshold; sponsoring the inclusion of several organic waste management employees in an oral history collection for the Library of Congress; and presenting a panel on food recovery at the annual Hunger Action Conference.

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On-Farm Composting Crowdfunding Campaigns

The On-Farm Composting Task Force of the F2P Food Cycle Coalition was created at the beginning of 2019 to support farmers in accepting food scraps from their communities to compost on-farm to build soil health. One of the exciting projects that the Task Force has undertaken is supporting the crowdfunding campaigns of two Hartford businesses: Sunrise Farm, which hopes to build the necessary infrastructure to handle a larger volume of compost, and Willow Tree Community Compost, which is a new and growing door-to-door collection service.

The two local entrepreneurs are working together to develop a resilient close-the-loop system for the Hartford community that recycles locally generated food scraps to build soil to grow more food. The On-Farm Composting Task Force will also use this partnership as a case study in educational materials for those who want to replicate the model in other parts of the state. If you know anyone who could donate, as an individual or as a business, please share these campaigns to help make this partnership possible!

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