Production and Processing

The Production & Processing Working Group is open to all members of the Farm to Plate Network. It is focused on developing and improving the resources available to Vermont's food producers and processors to support improvements in their production, their business management skills, and their quality of life. Members are expected to largely be made up of representatives of key organizational stakeholders that provide business services, technical assistance, financing or other assistance to producers and processors; production and processing business owners; and representatives from producer and processor associations. 


Farm Viability Indicators Task Force Annual Update

The Farm Viability Indicators Task Force is committed to executing and communicating financial analysis projects that describe valuable benchmarks for agricultural sectors in Vermont. The task force meets to coordinate rigorous and transparent project methods and to identify priority target sectors.

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Production & Processing Working Group Chair Update

Two years ago, the Production and Processing Working Group changed the focus of its meetings from high level discussions that impacted all of agriculture to conversations about challenges and opportunities for specific commodities. These more sharply defined meetings have allowed for shared conversations with producers, technical assistance providers, and funders to look at opportunities that will increase the viability and profitability of Vermont farms.

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