Posted April 2, 2024 at 03:09pm by Kelly Dolan

2024 Vermont Organics Recycling Summit is coming up!


The 2024 Vermont Organics Recycling Summit (VORS), a “kick-off” event one week before International Compost Awareness Week, will include an in-person program, with a hybrid morning plenary, on Monday, April 29th, in Waterbury, VT, followed by a virtual program from Tuesday, April 30 - May 3rd.

This year, VORS will highlight the many roles of composting and compost use in climate change adaptation through sequestering carbon in the soil, enhancing soil health, promoting sustainable agriculture practices, promoting water conservation, reducing reliance on synthetic fertilizers, and nurturing biodiversity. Local management of food scraps and organic resources empowers communities to take action and build resilience in the face of climate challenges. Questions? Please reach out to Natasha Duarte, Director of Composting Association of Vermont and Farm to Plate's Food Cycle Coalition Community of Practice team lead:  Register here!  and Event info here!