Posted January 8, 2024 at 08:43pm by Nicole Civita

EcoGather Enrolling Online Cohorts in Climate + Change; Change Shaping

EcoGather, Sterling College's collaborative online learning network, is dedicated to place-based lifeways, the vitality of agro-ecosystems, the change-competence of communities, the transition to well-being economies, and the pursuit of collective liberation. 

Right now, we are enrolling two synchronous learning opportunities:

Change-Shaping: Connection-based Training for Good Troublemakers
With Dr. Michelle Auerbach, opens January 10th and runs until June 15, join the journey anytime before February 5

Climate + Change: How to Comprehend & Meaningfully Respond to the Defining Crisis of Our Time
with Dr. Heather Short, February 7th to March 18th

These courses are structured, scheduled and priced for accessibility. They were developed through Sterling College (with lots of grassroots partners from around the world) and are taught by experienced (though very non-traditional) professors who also happen to be inspiring real world change shapers. But they don’t come with a typical college price tag – in fact, they are mainly donation-based/pay what you can. Our team will do anything we reasonably can support economic justice in educational access - we are very willing to waive or reduce any fees, participate in creative exchanges with  folks who reach out to us with a honest intentions to enroll and participate.

We also have free weekly EcoGatherings on Zoom that folks can pop into whenever to get a taste of the community we are cultivating.  

Finally, we have a whole library of low-priced self-paced courses on agroecology, food systems, and a whole range of specific topics related to sustainable, relational food and farming. These are available for individual enrollment at any time — and we are happy to work with aligned organizations to offer group access to or steep discounts for these courses, which are  really wonderful for farmers and other land-based entrepreneurs, educators, non-profit and public sector leaders, etc.

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