Posted February 28, 2023 at 06:47am by Vera Simon-Nobes

Healing the Roots of Racism - Starts March 22

Healing the Roots of Racism

This is a 6-month series for people who want to discover how whiteness has shaped them and practice new cognitive, emotional, and bodily/somatic patterns. 

More info and the registration link is here, including a video from the facilitators which gives a preview. 

Registration will close 3/20. Contact Vera with questions:

Who is this series for?

This series is for people in farm and garden education, farm to school, land, agriculture, and food systems fields who:

- Identify as white, have been conditioned/privileged as white, as well as folks with multiple identities who are close to whiteness: eg, one white parent, white adoptive parents, or any other constellation that calls you into this work. We welcome people with a variety of identities. We do not discriminate based on race or ethnicity.

- Feel a deep desire to be an active, positive part of creating a world free from racialized violence and oppression.

- We are also currently pausing to deeply listen for what, and how, FBEN can be most supportive for BIPOC/people of the global majority working in food/farm/garden/land education. If you have thoughts and ideas, we would love to hear from you!