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Agrilab Technologies
1662 Pumpkin Village Road
Enosburg Falls, Vermont 05450

Agrilab Technologies designs, builds and sells actively aerated composting systems that capture thermal energy for farms, commercial composters, universities, and municipalities that have existing or new composting operations. This technology can be used to heat greenhouses and buildings and meet demands for hot water or process heat while eliminating compost-related odors and producing valuable compost in the most energy efficient matter possible. Agrliab also works with farmers and landowners in the Missisquioi Watershed to develop and implement water quality improvement strategies.


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Jaime Tibbits
Sales and Conservation Services 802-393-5239
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Jaime Tibbits works for Agrilab Technologies based in Fairfield, Vermont. Agrilab Technologies is the leader in compost heat recovery, providing sales, service, design, permitting, and installation of compost heat recovery systems. Agrilab Technologies also provides technical support for landowners, farmers, and watershed groups in the MIssisquoi Basin Watershed working towards improving water quality.
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