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All Souls Tortilleria
(802) 373-7212
284 Route 100
Warren, Vermont 05674

A true tortilla is nothing more than whole corn steeped in water with lime or wood ash, stone ground, and cooked over fire. From the tiny hard seed of wild teosinte to our current array of domesticated maiz, corn has co-existed with the people of the Americas for millennia. Corn has rooted us to the land, feed our families, and shaped our culture. Everyday, our meals are a time to celebrate the bounty by which we are blessed – the nourishment of the food we eat, our friends and family that support us, and the landscape that provides us so much. Though simple and small All Souls’ tortillas, by using locally grown organic heirlooms and American-built equipment, strive to celebrate this bounty by bringing good food and good people to the table.


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Joseph Bossen
(802) 325-2144
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All Souls Tortilleria crafts traditional corn tortillas and masa dough for grocers, restaurants, and food service kitchens throughout Vermont and the Northeast. Our certified organic products are made fresh every week in Warren, VT using the traditional nixtamal process; whole corn kernels are cooked in water with slaked limestone, then stone-ground with volcanic stones, and cooked to an a-maize-ing perfection over fire. We prioritize heirloom corn varieties like Wapsie Valley and Jerry Petersen Blue in our products for their distinct flavors and stories. In support of the resurrection of heirloom and open-pollinated crops, we support the work of UVM Extension and local farmers to develop viable varieties of corn that perform well in fields as well as on plates. All Souls was created with the dream of nourishing our community with traditional foods. Delicious, organic food, shared with friends. We hope to strengthen our communities with these foods and the life-affirming economies that bring them about. All Souls Tortilleria was founded in 2015 by three friends: Joe Bossen, Hubert D’autremont, and Sam Fuller. There is always room for one more at the table.


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Tortillas with Soul

All Souls Tortilleria creates certified organic corn tortillas made from locally-grown corn now available at City Market in Burlington, Vermont.

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