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Blue Spruce Farm
(802) 758-2179
1796 Route 22a
Bridport, VT 05734

The Audet Family has operated Blue Spruce Farm since 1958 and currently milk about 2,500 cows that produce over 30 million pounds (3.6 million gallons) of milk per year. Blue Spruce Farm is the first farm in Vermont to have both a methane digester and a 100 kilowatt wind turbine.


Name Title Phone
Marie Audet
(802) 758-2179
Network Groups: Production and Processing


  • Farm Inputs
    • Compost producer or supplier
  • Food Production
    • Dairy
  • Nutrient Management
    • Compost producer or supplier
  • Energy
    • Methane digester site
    • Wind site


Milk, compost, electricity


Wind Energy on a Dairy Farm

Blue Spruce Farm was the first participant in the Green Mountain Power (GMP) Cow Power program, which uses anaerobic digestion to turn manure generated on the farm into about 2.4 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. Additionally, in 2013 the Audets partnered with GMP to host a 100 kW wind turbine under a unique arrangement that required no cost from the farm.

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