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Breezy Acres Farm
536 Fuller Bridge Rd
Montgomery, Vermont 05476

It is important for folks to know where there food comes from. Here at our farm we take great pride in our animals and how they are raised. Animals raised on the land, living happy, healthy, and humane lives produce healthier product that taste great as well! Breezy Acres sells pork and beef cuts by the pound and wholes and halves, as well as fresh dressed chickens and turkeys in season. We also make our product affordable so that families can enjoy our meat as well and have peace of mind on how it was raised. We love to have visitors so they can come see life on the farm as well!


Name Title Phone
Mark and Wendy Brouillette
Owner 802-326-2197
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Breezy Acres Farm is a fourth generation farm featured in Peter Miller's book "Vermont People" and has had several photos published in Vermont Life, calendars, on Google and even at the Georgia Rest Stop on I-89 N. Previously known as the Cabana Farm started in the mid 40's as a small family run Jersey Dairy Farm, it became Breezy Acres when the farm was passed down to great-grandson Mark. Mark, with farming already in his blood, has been working the farm since he was 18 years young fresh out of high school, after spending his lifetime growing up and working on his parents farm in Sheldon. As time grew on and the Vermont Dairy Farm started to become an endangered species in Montgomery, we knew things had to change in order to keep the farm. So in 2006, the Jersey herd was sadly sold off. The farm was rented out to assist other farmers either by using the milking facilities or for us to board their cows that were pregnant or board their young ones to start them off right. F we have been raising meat for ourselves and others, as well as breeding pigs to sell piglets to those wanting to do the same for their own families. Things just grew from there to feeding the neighborhood! Raising an extra pig turned into three or four, and now we have ten sows and three boars for our farm. Raising one beef cow then turned into a six and almost 30 in the herd, and now we have 50-65 at one time! Raising 6 turkeys and a few chickens is now 100 turkeys and 200 chickens scheduled for this year! So we did our homework, and applied for a retail license this spring so that we can feed all of the neighborhood and surrounding community our pork, beef, and poultry raised here on the farm like it should be--naturally and humanely on this beautiful piece of heaven nestled in the mountains. We feel that it's important to know where you food comes from and how it lived. Our livestock are raised with access to the outdoors and as natural as possible. Pigs do not reside in small gestation crates and are able to freely care for their piglets. They enjoy the fresh air when possible and well, be pigs--rutting and wallowing. They get to enjoy veggies, grain, and hay (yep we grow some awesome hay, too!) Beef calves are born and stay with their moms until they are 8-12 months old, able to graze and play with one another even when they are separated from mom. Steers are butchered at 18-24 months of age, depending on breed--we have Polled Herefords and crosses either with Angus, Holstein, or Jersey. They are all grass fed as much as possible with grain supplementation in the winter as well as our quality hay. Our turkeys and chickens reside in moveable shelters so they can graze on luscious green grass, enjoy the fresh air and grain, but are safe from predators. We take great pride in our animals and try to ensure they have wonderful lives, are happy and healthy, and treated humanely with love and respect for them. This comes across in our food as well. Food that is raised naturally is not only tastier, it's healthier for you! We also can give you the peace of mind knowing the animals enjoyed fresh air and the outdoors in a humane setting--not in a feedlot or a factory farm in deplorable conditions or be physically abused or restrained. Feel free to contact us with any questions, set up a tour and meet our gang if you want to know where your food comes from! .


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