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Choiniere Family Farm
(802) 868-2131
2465 Gore Road
Highgate, VT 05459

We host Summer time farm tours to help educate our consumers about the benefits of creating relationships with local farmers.


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Guy Choiniere
(802) 868-2131
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We are a small farm tucked away in the small town of Highgate, Vermont near the Canadian border. We have been shipping certified organic milk to Organic Valley since 2005, and almost all of it is bought by Stonyfield Farm to put into their delicious yogurt. Our goal is to provide quality, nutritious food to our local community and provide education about buying local and staying healthy. Here at the Choiniere Family Farm, we strive to provide you with the healthiest food you can buy. Happy animals make the best produce, and our animals are happy! Our cows are outside every day, enjoying the fresh air. We raise grass fed beef, and our veal enjoy their mother's milk every day as a side to their pasture feast. Our free range chickens are outside every day, scratching up the lawn, driveway, and occasionally our flower garden, eating bugs, worms, and grass. Lastly our pigs enjoy gallons of fresh, creamy milk every day to wash down their grain, hay and veggies.
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Organic milk, veal, pork, beef, eggs