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Compost Technical Services
1 Dugar Road
Worcester, Vermont 05682

Compost Technical Services provides expert compost systems design, operational support, and education, specializing in farm and community based solutions.


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James McSweeney
President & Technical Lead 802-224-6888
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After receiving a BA in Agroecology from Prescott College’s James worked in Hawaii in sustainable agriculture development, with a focus on applied organic soil remediation and microbiology research. As President and Technical Lead of Compost Technical Services (CTS), James provides consultation in composting to farmers, businesses, institutions, and communities, with a focus on scalable and appropriate technological solutions. James worked as Senior Compost Specialist at the Highfields Center for Composting from 2009-2014 before founding CTS. In 2011, James developed and delivered Vermont’s first Compost Operator Certification and has replicated the training now in its forth year. James helped to found the grassroots organization Compost Power to advance compost heat recovery with other innovators, engineers, and hackers and has worked with well over 50 composters throughout Vermont.


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