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Dirt Capital Partners
978.290.2220 (cell)
PO Box 457
Hudson, New York 12534

Dirt Capital Partners invests in farmland in partnership with farmers throughout the Northeast United States, promoting farmers’ land access and security. Leases between farmers and Dirt Capital provide farmers with land security, autonomy and an option to purchase. Each agreement is tailored to the specific farm operation and parcel of land. Most of our land investment partnerships result from a farmer contacting Dirt Capital with one of the following scenarios: relocate an existing farm to a larger property, or to a farm with more secure land tenure; expand a successful operation by acquiring nearby land; transfer a farm to non-family or family successors; conserve when land trusts look to partner with a like-minded organization; or keep already conserved land in active agricultural production; transform a farm with infrastructure updates for the next generation’s efficiency; reorganize, or refinance a farm in the event of a change in the partnership or business.


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Benneth Phelps
Director of Farmer Services 978.290.2220
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Benneth joined Dirt Capital Partners in 2016 as the Director of Farmer Services to further develop and refine the company’s approach to investing in land in partnership with farmers, and the company’s organizational culture and infrastructure. Previously, Benneth was Loan and Business Assistance Manager at The Carrot Project, where she spent five years evaluating loan applications and working with farm and food enterprises to plan for business growth. Prior to this she farmed vegetables and small fruit for ten years, in the Connecticut River Valley of Western Massachusetts, working on organic farms with 4-80 acres in production. Benneth has served as a member of the Fund Advisory Committee of PVGrows, currently serves on the Loan Review Committee of The Carrot Project and as a Board Member of the Vermont Grass Farmers Association. She holds an MRP in community and regional planning from the University of Massachusetts, and a BA from Smith College where she studied American Studies and Economics.


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Land access, farmland conservation, farm transition, young farmer land access, impact investment, organic transition.