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Efficiency Vermont
(888) 921-5990
20 Winooski Falls Way
Winooski, VT 05404

Efficiency Vermont provides technical assistance and rebates to farms for agricultural lighting, refrigeration, compressed air, HVAC systems, motors, and more.


Name Title Phone
JJ Vandette
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I conduct planning activities related to the agricultural energy efficiency program at Efficiency Vermont.
TJ Walker
Nicole Duquette
(802) 540-7767
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Nicole is an Energy Consultant at VEIC focused on refrigerant management and refrigeration efficiency. She works with grocery, agricultural, and food production markets to identify, analyze, and design innovative and cost-effective efficiency solutions.
Erin Moriarty
(860) 614-3460
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Marketing Project Manager for Efficiency Vermont with a focus on building connections within the Small-Medium Business and Agriculture industries. Actively learning more about the local food system and backyard gardening.
Lisa Coven
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Currently, a Program Manager at Efficiency Vermont overseeing Agricultural Programs. I have been working in Ag for over 20 years in different capacities. The last 6 years have focused on Agriculture Energy Efficiency and Renewables. Prior to coming to Efficiency Vermont, I worked as a contractor on behalf of the NYSERDA, managing their Agriculture Energy Audit Program.