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Gray Road
Plainfield, Vermont 05667

EmpowR is a healing and social justice enterprise, founded by Rae Carter, centered in co-creating personal and cultural transformation. Services and educational programs are designed to empower people, organizations, and movements to affect heart-centered change in our personal experiences and organizational cultures to make space for healthier lives and a more inclusive, just, and compassionate society. EmpowR provides facilitation, healing navigation, culture change services, intuitive counsel, and workshops to support the changes individuals, communities, organizations, institutions, and collective movements are experiencing and working towards. As the old paradigm unravels, EmpowR provides vision, guidance, and approaches for how we can collectively build a more unified world…together.


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Rae Carter
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Rae (she/her) is a bridge builder, change maker, healing navigator, and web weaver. She is the founder of EmpowR— a healing and social justice enterprise centered in co-creating personal and cultural transformation. She works on efforts to support holistic health care integration with conventional medicine, including nutrition and food in cancer and dis-ease prevention and treatment. Rae is engaged is health equity, racial and economic justice, culture change, community building, and individual and collective healing. She served as communications director at the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund (2013-2018), where she was instrumental in Farm to Plate Network efforts to implement Vermont’s food system plan, including managing the creation, development, launch, and early stage delivery of Rooted in Vermont. Rae lives in Plainfield, Vermont with her partner and animals where they facilitate healing events and grow medicinal herbs and organic produce at the Forest Magic Healing Sanctuary.
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facilitation, culture change, embodiment practices, consulting, healing justice, holistic health, plant medicine, JEDI - justice, equity, diversity, inclusion