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Endeavor Paso finos
386 Nichols Road
Fairfax, Vermont 05454

Grass and grain fed Goats, beef and pigs


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Gizelle Bushey
Owner (802) 849-6623
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Raising Goats for replacement herds, Meat and pets. House raised and friendly. Antibiotic use is at a minimum unless to save their lives! Steers available for sale by the pound, Hay and grain fed. Petting farm available for the kids. Equine: What we provide: Customized riding programs for adult persons with PTSD ($40 per rider-approx. 1 1/2 hours) Paso Fino Horsemanship lessons ($40 per rider per 1 hour lesson) Horse Boarding $250.00 per month rough board Horse Boarding $300.00 per month with stall Camping Facilities for rider and horse $20.00 per night Owners supply all grain and supplements Misc. breeding rights on Endeavor Paso Fino Mares for their foals. Discounts provided for Veterans/Disabled Veterans and In-Service personnel. Management has a unique combination of business knowledge and experience in this market. 30+ years Endeavor Paso Fino Equestrian Adventures has combined its expertise to offer services for every type of customer in this sensitive industry. Use of the "Paso Fino" breed allows disabled, fearful, elderly and inexperienced riders learn to handle and ride comfortably and safely. Customizing rides to each individual rider's needs. Offering horse persons a safe and comfortable place to "Camp" with their own horses. Overnight stable for visiting show persons. Show grounds are 3 miles from facility.
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