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Fire Tower Pizza
1208 Route 12
Lake Elmore, Vermont 05657

Accepts EBT

We support Elmore businesses by using locally milled wheat pizza dough by Elmore Mountain Bread company; local seasonal produce by Jupiter Farm; syrup by Osbourne Family Farm; honey by Suddabee's Farm. Also local specialty cheeses, mushrooms, apples, etc. We operate out of The Elmore Store.


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Kristen Howell
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Fire Tower Pizza, LLC is family-owned and operated by a NECI trained chef. Using Elmore Mountain Bread Dough, seasonal Jupiter Farm produce, and local cheeses, we produce a gourmet stone-cooked pizza. Fire Tower Pizza cooks hot pizza at The Elmore Store, Lake Elmore, Vermont Thursday-Sunday 3-7:30pm. Our frozen take & bake pizzas are always available.


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hot pizza, frozen pizza