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Flatlander Farm
(802) 453-4631
2148 VT Route 17
Starksboro, Vermont 05487

Flatlander Farm is a pasture based farm located in Addison County, Vermont specalizing in raising the best tasting Chicken, Duck and Goat. We believe that animals should be raised in as natural and as healthy of a setting as possible and this is why we rely on managed rotational grazing. By allotting a grazing paddock for a short duration of time, there is increased utilization of feed and better dispersion of manure. Managed intensive grazing allows for long rest periods which benefits the land and the animals. By constantly moving across the pasture there is time for the plants and soil to be fertilized, and regrow. This bio-diverse process allows our animals to have access to fresh air, a lot of room to forage and browse, and sunshine. Utilizing heritage and more traditional breeds informs and enriches our vision of sustainable agriculture.


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Keith Drinkwine
Farmer 802-453-4631
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While technically a first generation farmer my family's farming roots go back at least 5 generations. Wanting to live and work in Vermont I began farming for other operations (Veggies to Grape Vines) and finally decided to start my own. I now raise Chickens, Ducks and Goats for meat and eggs with my wife, Lisa on our pasture based farm in Starksboro, Vermont.


  • Retail Food Outlets
    • CSA
    • Farmers' market
  • Food Production
    • Poultry
    • Eggs
    • Goat


Pastured Chicken, Pastured Duck, Farm Graze Goat, Duck Eggs