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Foggy Brook Farm
218 Rugg Rd
Fairfield, Vermont 05455

We are a small farm and homestead with strong beliefs in sustainability and community. We want to help protect our food system by providing our community with mindfully grown and organic leafy greens and happy lady eggs while practicing sustainable methods of farming and living.


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Christine Kubacz
Owner (802) 524-6317
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Foggy Brook Farm is a small farm and homestead with a focus on sustainability while producing for our community. We have a small flock of hens, bees, a fruit field, 5 raised beds, our own 60X60 garden, a 30X74 hightunel for extended season growing and a 34X80 open field for growing leafy greens.
Network Groups: Production and Processing


  • Food Production
    • Vegetables
    • Eggs


leafy green lettuce mixs, eggs