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Food Systems Research Institute, LLC
PO Box 1141
Shelburne, Vermont 05482

The Food Systems Research Institute is committed to the cultivation of sustainable and just food systems by developing solutions, researching possibilities, and providing educational services. To achieve these goals, we provide the highest quality food system expertise and insight to clients that result in enduring change. The Food System Research Institute’s vision is to work towards sustainable food systems that afford all people’s access not only to healthy and culturally appropriate food, but also the capability to engage in food production and agriculture through independent and ecologically sound methods. As a company, we are committed to improving the environment, increasing social well-being, and economic stability through services that are beneficial to all people’s lives, regardless of race, class, gender, or geography.


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Jesse McEntee
Managing Partner 802-922-2078
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Jesse C. McEntee, Ph.D., is a Manager and Founder of the Food Systems Research Institute. Trained as an environmental social scientist working in the transdisciplinary settings of resource economics, land use, and regional planning, his food systems expertise draws from both private and public sectors. For instance, he supervised the intake of discovery materials for a litigation judgment of 1.6 billion dollars against Enron’s energy transmission fraud in the Western US power market and has performed feasibility assessments of an international crop biofortification program for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He has owned his own consulting firm, worked for state government, and continues to teach at the university level. A prolific writer, he is the author of a number of internationally peer-reviewed publications, including articles and book chapters.


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