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Harlow Farm
(802) 722-9203
117 Deep Root Drive
Westminster, VT 05158

For nearly a century, the 150 acre family farm nestled between Bald Hill and the Connecticut River has produced generous sustenance for its owners, the local community and it’s New England neighbors. Third generation farmer Paul Harlow was an early pioneer of organic farming in Vermont. In 1985 the farm was certified organic after 3 years of using only biological fertilizers and pesticides and crop rotation processes that are still practiced today, yielding a bounty of vegetables, fruits and berries, poultry, eggs, beef, lamb and pork.


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Paul Harlow
Owner (802) 722-9203
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Paul has owned and operated Harlow Farm and Kestrel Farm in Westminster, Vt., since 1975. He is a partner in Westminster Organics, a family wholesale organic vegetable operation and farmstand in Westminster, Vt. Harlow graduated from Castleton College and the Stockbridge School of Agriculture. He was named Sustainable Farmer of the Year for Vermont in 1998, and in 1981, he was named Conservation Farmer of the Year by the Windham County Soil and Conservation District.
Network Groups: Production and Processing
Jonathan Slason
Farm Business Manager (802) 376-9421


  • Food Processing or Manufacturing
    • Specialty foods / snacks
  • Retail Food Outlets
    • CSA
  • Energy
    • Solar site
  • Food Production
    • Vegetables
    • Beef
    • Poultry
    • Eggs


Mixed vegetables, fruits, berries, beef, poultry, eggs, lamb, and pork