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Kimbell Compost
Burlington, Vermont 05401

KC was started by a group of UVM students and provides a weekly food waste hauling service to Burlington residents for just $10 a month. We provide a bin, bags, and a list of compostable materials to our customers. Our vision is to build a community that is interconnected through pragmatic sustainability. We recognize that cost, time and effort are constraints to sustainable practices. One of our long term goals is to process food waste through anaerobic digesters.


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Charles Kimbell
Founder (802)356-3573
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CJ grew up in the Vermont outdoors. Following a gap year of travel through the Patagonia, he became fascinated with sustainability in a business setting. CJ started KC his senior year in college while receiving a Finance and Accounting degree from the UVM Business School. CJ began delivering his friends' food scraps for a slight charge, and the trend quickly caught on. "Poop and Profit", his thesis for UVM, keyed CJ into the potential of anaerobic digestion and its ability to repurpose organic materials. CJ hopes KC will be a source of clean energy for the state of Vermont.


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Food Scrap Hauling Service, Compost Hauling Service, CSA Delivery