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Larson Farm
69 South St
Wells, Vermont 05774

The Larson Farm began in 1977 as a conventional dairy farm milking 150 cows. As the industry changed, instead of getting bigger, Richard & Cynthia, along with daughter Mercy, decided to get smaller. They chose instead to downsize to a certified organic and certified 100% grass-fed 20-cow Jersey herd. These beautiful cows give very rich golden milk, sold at the farm and at farmers' markets as unpasteurized 'raw' milk. In 2017, a new on-farm creamery was built, and Larson Farm and Creamery now sells pasteurized cream-top whole milk, yogurt, gelato, skyr, butter and soft cheeses. Larson farm also has a 100% grass-fed Red Devon beef herd and offers grass-fed beef. Visit our web site,


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Richard and Cynthia Larson
(802) 645-1957
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Rich and Cynthia Larson milk 25 Jerseys in Wells, VT. The cows are fed 100% grass. We pasture all season, and feed hay or baleage all winter. No grain, hormones, or antibiotics. We sell raw milk at the farm all day, every day, and deliver it to Rutland, and Dorset Farmers' markets. We also have a herd of 30 Devon beef cattle, also 100% grass raised and finished. They are moved everyday in pasture season, and fed hay in winter. Frozen beef is available at the farm and the Farmers' Markets.
Richard Larson
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Larson farm dairy has been in operation since 1975, starting as a typical commercial dairy farm milking 150 cows. We changed with the times, but instead of getting bigger, we got smaller, becoming certified organic and certified 100% grass-fed. With our new creamery completed in 2017, we now market pasteurized 'cream-top' whole milk, plain and maple yogurt, gelato, skyr and butter to customers in Vermont and New York.