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Mad River Localvores
PO Box 591
Moretown, VT 05660

Mad River Localvores: Celebrating and supporting local food along the Mad River Valley-­ those who grow it, those who prepare it, and those who eat it. With our rising dependence on fossil fuels, degradation of the environment and advancing national health crisis, there is a pressing need for a model of change. Through ongoing community education and collaboration, the Mad River Localvores aim to increase local food production and consumption, improve the physical health of our community members and foster community connections around a sustainable and community supported food system.


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Lisa Barnes
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I lead the Mad River Localvores, a community group aimed at increasing local food consumption and production along the Mad River Valley. I coordinate programs, organize community events and hold educational gatherings to increase awareness and access to local food.


  • Marketing
    • Local food directories
    • Support organization: Marketing
  • Farm Inputs
    • Support organization: Farm Inputs
  • Food Processing or Manufacturing
    • Support organization: Food Processing or Manufacturing
  • Food Distribution or Storage
    • Support organization: Food Distribution or Storage
  • Food Access and Nutrition
    • Cooking / nutrition classes
    • Localvore / Transition Town / Community group
    • Support organization: Food Access and Nutrition
  • Education
    • General food system education
    • Farm to School programs
    • Adult / continuing education


Farm to School, Food Swaps, Farm and Garden Tours, Local Food Celebrations, Community Networking.