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Maple Wind Farm
(802) 434-7257
1148 East Main Street
Richmond, VT 05477

Maple Wind Farm is a pasture-based livestock farm operating in Huntington, Bolton, and Richmond, Vermont. Since 1999, we’ve raised non-GMO pork, turkeys, layer and broiler chickens, and 100% grass-fed beef. Our animals are moved DAILY to new pasture as part of our management-intensive grazing system. This is what sets us apart. This practice builds soils, increases plant diversity and fertility, and reduces erosion. Animals are allowed to express their natural behavior - reducing stress and resulting in healthier, higher quality products. Our mission is to promote the health and welfare of our community by providing the highest-quality pasture-raised products through regenerating soil and water resources. We have a state of the art on-farm USDA-inspected poultry processing facility where we process our chickens and turkeys from late May to Thanksgiving. We are constantly improving and expanding our operation to stay at the forefront of innovation for small on-farm processing plants. We utilize an innovative air-chilling process, automated parting and processing lines, and make many in-house value-added products. We sell our food locally and strive to build meaningful relationships with our customers, our fellow farmers, and our community. Farm work with integrity gives meaning and importance to all that we do, even the little details. We are a team of dedicated, hard-working individuals who support, teach, and learn from each other every day.


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Beth Whiting
(802) 434-7257
Natalie Palmer
(207) 557-2210
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Co-Manager of Field Operations at Maple Wind Farm


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100% grass fed & finished beef, non GMO pork and poultry, pasture raised non GMO eggs, organic turkey and vegetables, USDA poultry processing


Maple Wind Farm

At Maple Wind Farm in Huntington, the beef cattle “harvest their own feed,” as farmer Bruce Hennessey likes to say.

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