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Metta Earth Institute
334 Geary Road South
Lincoln, Vermont 05443

Metta Earth Institute is an educational center with 501c3 status integrating contemplative practice, deep ecology, regenerative food systems, and social activism to create resilient community. Based on 158 acres, Metta Earth Farm serves the Institute in providing a high percentage of nutrient dense, organic food for program guests and also offers leaders transformational and experiential learning environments for sustainability education.


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Gillian Comstock
(802) 453-8111
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Gillian Kapteyn Comstock, MA, is the founding co-director of Metta Earth Institute and the Metta Earth project, which integrates regenerative farming, contemplative practices, community living, and sustainability education. Gillian offers mentoring, program faciliation, and leadership trainings. As a holistic psychotherapist, certified permaculture designer, and advanced yoga guide she synthesizes disciplines to support cultural renewal. A mother of three adult children and grandmother of four, Gillian has lived a life immersed in cooperative community, the gift economy, and innovative social processes resonate with natural systems.


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