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Open Hearth Pizza
527 Sugarbush Access Rd
Warren, Vermont 05674

We work every day toward sourcing as many of our ingredients locally as possible!! We will not give up until we are at 100% Additionally, we are working toward building some infrastructure to support more local food production. We would like to build a commercial kitchen on land where we grow some of our own and process it right there on site with a retail space to offer locally grown food to our community, including bread, pizza, pasta, sauces, pestos etc., while offering training and employment to under employed and food insecure Vermonters in hopes of supporting their own independence and interest in local food systems.


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Stephanie Walker
owner 617.842.3332
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Summer 2020 marked Open Hearth Pizza's eleventh year traveling our home state of Vermont with our mobile wood fired pizza ovens. We are a catering company that focuses on using local ingredients and making as much as we can from scratch, including our own naturally leavened, stone milled, whole grain pizza dough from Rogers Farmstead local organic wheat.


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