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Peaceful Harvest Mushrooms LLC
(802) 505-1074
4 Mill Road
Worcester, VT 05682

We grow and wildcraft gourmet and medicinal mushrooms and create value added medicinal and culinary mushroom products.


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President (802) 505-1074
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Peaceful Harvest Mushrooms grows and wild-crafts gourmet and medicinal mushrooms and creates value-added medicinal mushroom and culinary products. In 2014, we began by building a custom temperature and humidity controlled grow building and a clean laboratory to grow starter cultures, grow grain spawn and inoculate the mushrooms. We have been learning and growing every year since and have recently begun cultivating a new and exciting medicinal mushroom species called Cordyceps. We currently produce fresh edible mushrooms, medicinal mushroom tinctures, bulk dried lions mane, culinary powders and cordyceps mycelium medicinal mushroom powder. Our newest products under development are full spectrum medicinal mushroom powders.


  • Food Production
    • Mushrooms
  • Food Processing or Manufacturing
    • Specialty foods / snacks


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