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Sel de la Terre
(802) 338-1202
40 Chase Street
Burlington, Vermont 05401

We founded Sel de la Terre in 2019 with the aim of strengthening food systems in our home state of Vermont, and beyond. If you grow or produce food, sell it, or eat it, our services are for you! We teach; we cook at retreat centers and for special events; we host pop-ups and other fun gatherings; we develop and test recipes; and we create media that digs into the pleasures of — and issues surrounding — the way that Americans think about, prepare, and consume their meals.


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Suzanne Podhaizer
Co-Founder (802) 338-1202
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At Sel de la Terre, we work in cooking education, recipe development, journalism, and as consultants to support businesses that are part of sustainable food systems. We believe that in order to have healthy soil, healthy communities, and healthy bodies, we need agricultural operations, food service businesses, and consumers to be aligned in a commitment to thoughtfully-produced ingredients, and to the idea that eating joyfully, and ethically, is linked to overall wellness. To that end, we teach, we cook, and we collaborate with others who share our ideals. We're excited to work in Vermont, our home, and to connect with, and build roots in, other communities throughout the United States.


  • Marketing
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    • Food system media
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  • Education
    • General food system education
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  • Business Planning and Technical Assistance
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cooking classes, pop-up dinners, consulting, marketing services, press releases, recipe development, menu creation, retreat cooking, traveling chef, campfire cooking