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Skillet Creative
(802) 879-0727
15 Brickyard Road Suite 1
Essex Jct., VT 05452

Skillet Creative builds food brands by discovering the authentic stories behind them and creating the framework in which to tell them. Through award winning design and creativity, engaging social media campaigns and impassioned integrated marketing initiatives, we help fan the flames so that your story spreads like wildfire. These stories speak to our deepest questions about who we are and what we believe. They stick because they hold real value. They build community around your brand and create connections to your consumer. Not only do we help you find your brand’s story, we help you tell it.


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Nicole L'Huillier Fenton
(802) 879-0727
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At Skillet Creative, we develop brands for the food and beverage industry through creative and attention-grabbing food packaging design, social media campaigns and videos to build excitement and engage your customers. We are a nimble team of skilled writers, talented designers and creative videographers ready to take your brand from hot to hottest. By choosing to work with Skillet, your food or beverage brand will gain customer attention, have a stronger retail presence, increased visibility, and more powerful SEO. We develop creative concepts into great ideas worth sharing.
Deniz Sehovic
(802) 879-0723
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Skillet Design & Marketing - Social Media Manager & Videographer


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