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Sugar Feather Farm
(802) 560-5606
Chandler Rd
West Berlin, Vermont 05663

We provide heritage, unique and rare fowl and their products. These are breeds that have value and purpose with roots and traditions but have been forgotten over the years because they are not mass produced. We strengthen Vermont's food system with our knowledge, care and rarity that our state provides.


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Nicolle Ferrier
owner 18025605606
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We are a local Vermont based farm run by us, Robert and Nicolle and our very large and caring family. We traveled all the way from California to beautiful Vermont so we could live out our dream of owning a homestead and be self sufficient, in this process we decided to have a farm! Our key principles are sustainability and educating the community about our environment and how to implement our fowl into your everyday life. One goal is to preserve and sustain some of the endangered and near extinct breeds and showcase their uses. We are a welcoming environment and love teaching people.
Network Groups: Rooted in VermontĀ®


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    • Livestock breeder
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    • Honey / Apiary
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live fowl, fertile eggs, kombucha starters, honey, eggs