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Vanguard Renewables
615 Shard Villa Road
Salisbury, VT 05769

Vanguard Renewables’ Farm Powered food waste recycling program completes the Farm-to-Table-to-Farm closed loop organics to energy lifecycle. The Farm Powered program offers institutions, manufacturers, food providers, and municipalities the opportunity to reduce environmental impacts and support a renewable natural gas project while sustaining a Vermont dairy farm. Our customized, reliable, clean, and economically-viable food and beverage waste collection and recycling solution enables food waste generators to comply with our state's universal recycling law and helps organizations meet their sustainability goals.


Name Title Phone
Billy Connelly
Vermont Organics Market Manager 802-771-5866
Network Groups: Food Cycle Coalition, Energy


  • Farm Inputs
    • Fertilizer supplier
  • Nutrient Management
    • Compost producer or supplier
    • Other: Nutrient Management
    • Food Scrap Drop Off Location
  • Energy
    • Methane digester site
    • Installers / consultants / manufacturers
  • Business Planning and Technical Assistance
    • Technology solutions


food waste, beverage waste, digester, energy, renewable natural gas, rng, anaerobic